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The work of David Scognamiglio ranges from installations to photography, from sculpture to video projections.

The artist’s exploration is the result of a long season dedicated to creating site-specific installations.

Starting from the elements that naturally compose an environment such as light, shadow, air or water, David’s installations tend to transform space to a place with multiple meanings.

If at first light is part of a whole, it is then extrapolated and studied as an isolated phenomenon: light becomes the narrative core of the artist’s works.

By using beams of light as the subject of the research, Scognamiglio analyzes both the passive and the active powers of light radiation on water, paint or smoke.

The scientific study and aesthetic manipulation of light brings forth a reflection on the symbolic power of this phenomenon.

Light, a mean to unveil an object from darkness, to perceive colors and reality, is thus linked to an idea of “seeing” as an intimate and introspective process.

The work of Scognamiglio brings the observer to a state of mind similar to meditation. When the observer reaches this kind of silence, they are able to question their daily life and may reflect about their condition as a part of an ecosystem: according to the artist, this is the way we have to connect with our own essence.

After graduating in Architecture from the Università di Firenze, David Scognamiglio obtained a diploma in Light Studies at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and then achieved a Master’s degree in Contemporary Art research at Universitat de Barcelona.

He lives and works in Barcelona, Bologna and Santiago de Chile.


Next exhibitions 2020/2021

Santiago de Chile


Past and current exhibitions


To Unveil a Light, San Giacomo, Matera, Italy. [November 8 – November 11]

To Suspend a Light, SS. Pietro e Paolo Apostoli, Castignano, Italy. [July 4 – July 22]

To Sink a Light, Galería Angels 2, Barcelona, Spain. [June 19 – June 26]



PLUS residency, Museo de la Universidad de Alicante, Spain. [September 14 –  October 14]

Estructura Electrorepetidora, Nuit Blanche, Alicante, Spain. [July 20]



Aria Materia, Fondazione Sassi, Matera, Italy. [July 27 – August 27]

Incertum, Museo delle Miniere, Montecatini Val di Cecina, Italy. [July 21 – September 21]

Aqua Lucens, Embajada de Italia, Santiago, Chile. [Permanent collection]

Pluvium, Instituto Italiano di Cultura, Santiago, Chile. [May 09 – June 21. Solo exhibition]

Lĕvis Lēvis , Open Dark, Santiago, Chile. [April 11 – July 07]

Versŭs, Galería NAC Goyenechea, Santiago, Chile. [March 21 – May 13]

Foris, Compañia 1263, Santiago, Chile. [January 13 – January 15]



Colectiva NAC, Galería NAC Goyenechea, Santiago, Chile. [December 21 – January 15]

N.M.W., Centro Culturale Vittorio Montiglio, Santiago, Chile. [November 17 – December 23]

Serie Dérives, Art Stgo, Centro cultural GAM, Santiago, Chile. [August 20 – August 21]

De Rivus, Galería NAC, Santiago, Chile. [June 30 – July 30. Solo exhibition]



2Y, Galería Monoambiente, Buenos Aires, Argentina. [May 8 – July 3]

Si la neblina se quedara, Festival de las Artes de Valparíso, Chile. [January 17 – January 25]



Lampo/Relámpago, Área / Bordes, Santiago, Chile. [November 28 – November 30]

Constelaciones, Galería Gabriela Mistral, Santiago, Chile. [October 30 – November 20. Solo exhibition]

L’Origine, Nuit Blanche, Paris, France. [October 4]

Constellations, Festival Les Insolites, Centre Culturel Le Moustier, Thorigny s/Marne, France. [September 27 – September 29]

Refugio, Ciclo de creación contemporánea Sala Arrau, Teatro Municipal, Santiago, Chile. [May 29 – May 31]



Constelaciones, Santiago, Chile. [October 18 – October 20]

Trios, Área / Santiago, Chile. [January 10 – January 13]



Duelinee, Centro de Arquitectura Contemporánea, Santiago, Chile. [October 11 – October 14]



UrbanLuz, Santiago, Chile. [December 20 – June 20]



Pois(s)on, Festival Intercollectifs, Toulouse, France. [April 12 – April 15]



Rebottle, Festival SpaziEvasi, Francavilla, Italy. [July 31 – August 31]


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